James Francis先生のVocabulary Practice

Grammar(文法)・英検・SAT等を教えるJames Francis先生がWordを分かりやすく説明する動画です。BasicレベルIntermediateレベルと Advancedレベルがあります。動画は定期的に追加されますのでお楽しみに!


Basic Level

Basic Vocabulary(1)

hair, hat, cap, knit cap, stocking cap

Basic Vocabulary(2)

animation, animal, plant

Basic Vocabulary(3)

crumb, crack, cracker, break, broken, spill

Basic Vocabulary(4)

sunrise, sunset, noon

Basic Vocabulary(5) 

eye (eyes), pupil, nose, nostril, ear (ears), lobe, mouth, lips, hand (hands), fingers, thumb, pinkie, foot (feet), toes, ankle

Basic Vocabulary(6) 

sun, ray, cloud, sundown, sunrise, moon, crescent, star (stars), solar system, planets, rocket, fireworks

Basic Vocabulary(7) 

fish, aquarium, fishbowl, glass box, swimming, diving, snorkel, scuba

Basic Vocabulary(8) 

wave / waves, fish, fin, gills, scales

Basic Vocabulary(9) 

seed, roots, leaves, stem, flower, petal

Basic Vocabulary(10) 

floor, ceiling, walls, window, door, doorknob


Basic Vocabulary(11) 

tree, trunk, bark, roots, branch / branches, leaf / leaves


Basic Vocabulary(12) 

cow, deer, horn, antler


Basic Vocabulary(13) 

the Moon, the Sun, stars, constellation, planet, solar system, Milky Way, the Galaxy

Basic Vocabulary(14) 

 dark clouds, rain, thunder storm, lightning, bolt

Basic Vocabulary(15) 

airplane, train, taxi, cabstand (taxi stand), ship, ferry, port, airport

Basic Vocabulary(16) 

 fruit(s), sour, sweet, vegetable(s), bread, toast

Basic Vocabulary(17) 

football, soccer, golf, basketball, baseball, surfing

Basic Vocabulary(18) 

Carpenter, Board, Saw, Chainsaw, Hammer, Nail, Screw

Screwdriver, Ruler

Basic Vocabulary(19) 

animals, paw, claw(s), fang(s), snout, tail

Basic Vocabulary(20) 

plate, bowl, glass, cup, chopstick(s), fork, spoon, knife

silverware, napkin

Basic Vocabulary(21) 

see, look, watch, view, find

Basic Vocabulary(22) 

bathtub, shower, soap, wash, towel

Basic Vocabulary(23) 

big, little, large, small, medium, heavy, light

Basic Vocabulary(24) 

winter, spring, summer, autumn, fall

Basic Vocabulary(25) 

yes, yeah, uh-huh, no, nope, nah, uh-uh, maybe, might, if

Basic Vocabulary(26) 

read, write, draw(ing), paintm crayon(s), coloring

Basic Vocabulary(27) 

room, building, houses, apartment, flat

Basic Vocabulary(28) 

cold, hot, hungry, thirsty, full, stuff, tire(d), sleepy, bedtime

Basic Vocabulary(29) 

class, classroom, classmate(s), blackboard, lesson, textbook, notebook, homework, test

Basic Vocabulary(30) 

speedy, quick(ly), fast, rapid(ly), hurry

Basic Vocabulary(31) 

talk, tell, speak, say, close, open, easy, difficult, before, after, mail, stamp, postcard, message, mailbox, post office, postage

Basic Vocabulary(32) 

bicycle, pedal, gear, sprocket

Basic Vocabulary(33) 

forecast, forehead

Basic Vocabulary(34) 

hobby (hobbies), trip(s), camp(ing), fishing, camera, movie(s), game(s)

Basic Vocabulary(35) 

driver, pilot, waiter, farmer, writer, doctor, actor(s)

Basic Vocabulary(36) 

game(s), popular, arcade, online games, card games, board games, win, lose, favorite, fun

Basic Vocabulary(37) 

bookstore, magazine(s), storybooks, comic book(s), dictionary

Basic Vocabulary(38) 

garden, lawn, flower(s), flowerbed, water, pool

Basic Vocabulary(39) 

party, invite, visit(ing), join, enjoy

Basic Vocabulary(40) 

front, before, back, after, left, right, over, under

Basic Vocabulary(41) 

grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin(s)

Basic Vocabulary(42) 

headache, stomachache, beadroom, sleep, hospital, doctor

Basic Vocabulary(43) 

ocean, sea, beach, salt water, sea bed, sea weed, sea life, turtle

Basic Vocabulary(44) 

better, best, worse, worst

Basic Vocabulary(45) 

time, watch, clock, hour(s), minute(s), second(s), quarter passed, half passed

Basic Vocabulary(46) NEW

How are you?, Have a good day., See you later., Take care., I'm home.

Basic Vocabulary(47) NEW

calendar, month, today, tomorrow, yesterday, this week, next week, the week after next

Basic Vocabulary(48) NEW

insect(s), bug(s), worm, caterpillar, butterfly

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Vocabulary(1) 

 account, payment, fee, banking, fund, refund, loan, debt, property, wealth

Intermediate Vocabulary(2) 

band, orchestra, symphony, brass, woodwinds, reed, cane, strings, percussion, electronic, tube, valve, keys

Intermediate Vocabulary(3) 

idea (ideology), concept, conceptualize, opinion, opinionated, theory, hypothesis, thesis, evidence, proof

Intermediate Vocabulary(4) 

medical, medicine, clinic, patient, treatment, healthcare,

drug, prescription, operation, internship

Intermediate Vocabulary(5) 

journey, tour, traveler, luggage, agency, reservation, flight, sail, insurance, souvenir

Intermediate Vocabulary(6) 

corporation , manage(r), branch(es), department, secretary, demand, budget, estimate, deadline, loss

Intermediate Vocabulary(7) 

grocery store, cash, counter, cash register, receipt, display, clerk, assistant, associate, discount

Intermediate Vocabulary(8) 

organization, structure, bone, cell(s), muscle, skin, organ, blood, heartbeat, brain

Intermediate Vocabulary(9) 

take away ~, ake advantage of ~, take ~ for granted, take notes, take part in ~, take place, take up ~, take one's place, take over ~, take after ~

Intermediate Vocabulary(10) 

weather forecast, meteorology, weather map, pressure, weather satellite , weather bureau (centre), rough weather, thunderstorm, soft breeze, storm warning

Intermediate Vocabulary(11) 

expensive, costly, valuable (value), high-class, high-grade, high-quality, luxury (luxurious), deluxe, exclusive, precious

Intermediate Vocabulary(12) 

creator, specialist, pioneer, inventor, patent, superior, expert, experience, knowledge, skill

Intermediate Vocabulary(13) NEW

possibly, otherwise, amazingly, temporarily,, exceptionally, halfway, randomly, purely, visually, objectively

Advanced Level

Advanced Vocabulary(1)

autograph, amenity, auspicious, appealing, appease, barren, bestow, bankruptcy, bid, choreography, consul-tation, condominium, collaborate, cohesive, diplomatic, divert, downside, duration, telepathy, transmission

Advanced Vocabulary(2)

advocate, amplify, apartheid, architectural, attorney, benchmark, blemish, blur, brink, cardiologist, chaos, charismatic, comparable, conviction, daunting, decent, depict, deter, discard, dutiful

Advanced Vocabulary(3) 

agriculture, catastrophe, elevate, emerge, environment, evident, excavate, exterminate, extraterrestrial, fantasy, ferment, fertilize, foment, frost, fungus, germinate, gravity, multicultural, pandemic, polyester

Advanced Vocabulary(4)  

nutrient, enzyme, ingest/digest, inject, hypodermic, intravenous, taste buds, toxic/toxin, saccharine, acidic, tart, sodium, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, preservative, pickles/pickled, cavity, ailment, immunity

Advanced Vocabulary(5)  

accuse, assault, bribery, court, confessions, convict, crime, judge, jury (juror), defendant, prosecution, trial, forgery, counterfeit, guilt(y), incarceration, manslaughter, scheme, sentence(d), verdict

Advanced Vocabulary(6)  

jubilant (jubilation, jubilee), euphoria (euphoric), gloat, melancholy, lament, remorse, sullen, aversion, hatred, incense

Advanced Vocabulary(7)  

guzzle, engulf, wince, flinch, twitch, linger, dawdle, nudge, fumble, brandish

Advanced Vocabulary(8)  

outweigh, crucial, critical, gravity, keystone, momentous, main, pivotal, measurable, drastic

Advanced Vocabulary(9)  

incline, inclination , decline, recline, current, tide, fluid, flow, float, ebb

Advanced Vocabulary(10)  

congress, parliament, senator(s), congressman, party, faction, activist, proponent, lobby(ist), ballot

Advanced Vocabulary(11)  

archaeology, archaeologist, archaic, pyramid, excavation, excavate, unearth, artifact, cultural assets, heritage

Advanced Vocabulary(12)  

choke back, choke off, choke up, put across, put forth, put in for, put out, put upon A, root for A, root out

Advanced Vocabulary(13)  

chimney, fireplace, Christian (Christianity), Catholic(s), Protestant(ism), pagan, missionary, cathedral, congregate (congregation), advent

Advanced Vocabulary(14)  

warfare, cyber war, soldier, troops, military, arms, armament(s), ammunition, tank, missile

Advanced Vocabulary(15)  

indicate (indicator), foresight, predicting, foresee, foretell, anticipate, expectation, precursor, prophecy (prophesy), omen

Advanced Vocabulary(16)  

demolition, destruction (destroy), devastation, ruin, disaster, disastrous, dissolution, dissolve, disassembling, disassembly

Advanced Vocabulary(17)  NEW

reevaluate, reexamine, reissue, reconsider, regain, relapse, renovation, revision, reunify, reunification